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DUSTCUFF™ VS Tile Removal (Dust Free)

Its amazing to see the recent changes in the contractors mindset today. Dust and worker safety is now a top priority. Many contractors want to eliminate the dust because of new and coming EPA regulations requiring workers to be protected from dust and an unhealthy work environment. Many ask the question, “How can my company meet EPA rules when removing tile is so dusty?”

Long before EPA regulations the concept of DUSTCUFF™ was being paved. The motivation was the desire to have a cleaner work environment on our personal job sites during the demolition phase of tile removal. Our company became highly successful at this task and soon became known as “Clean Tile Removal”  because of the ability to offer dust free/dustless tile removals.

Now our years of research and development are available to you, whether you are a small-large contracting firm, or you are looking to do a DIY tile removal project at home, you will benefit from our experience when you use DUSTCUFF™.

In our next post we will share a video of the results you can achieve using DUSTCUFF™ on your tile removal projects.

Below is what typical tile removal will look like without DUSTCUFF™ technology.

dust everywhere from tile removal

Photo credit: Benny Duong from Texas