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Dust Free Tile Removal Tools – How and Why To Use DUSTCUFF

First, take a look at the video: How To Use DUSTCUFF™ For Dust Free Tile Removal.

Our goal is to help others remove old floor tiles using modern tile removal techniques. This post will focus on how to use DUSTCUFF for dust free tile removal, and why it will benefit your company, your employees and your clients.

To start, lets examine “why” use DUSTCUFF.


Dust Free Tile Removal – Why Use DUSTCUFF™

dust from tile removal

Dust created NOT using DUSTCUFF 

Because removing floor tiles is a dusty job! You need to take action to protect yourself, your employees and your clients from breathing harmful silica dust.

Further, your clients want their property respected! Layers of dust on all surfaces in their home does not accomplish this goal! DUSTCUFF is pro-active with dust control by collecting dust at the source of creation. Soon, OSHA will be enforcing new silica dust rules requiring action to limit dust. Proper tooling and equipment for tile removal is key.

Because your clients are looking for top quality contractors. Our tile removal attachments help you get to the next level.


DUSTCUFF allows dust free tile removal

DUSTCUFF capturing the dust from tile removal

While creating DUSTCUFF we put much thought into the design, as a result, it’s easy to use. Let us review the design elements making this tile removal tool easier to use.

  • You need no tools to install Dustcuff to your demolition hammer
  • Both DUSTCUFF models allow greasing of the chisel without removal of the attachment
  • Your DUSTCUFF includes a locking hose cuff, available in 2″ and 1.5″
    • The attachment will not accidentally come off during tile removal
  • DUSTCUFF’s design limits clogs in your vacuum’s hose
    • This feature will save you time while removing tile

On to the good stuff, which is also viewed in the linked video. To install your new cuff, included with your purchase, you will need to remove your old cuff. Honestly, if you have never removed a cuff from a hose before this will be a simple task. Cuffs twist off clockwise and install by twisting counter-clockwise. In case your vacuum hose cuff does not simply twist off, it may be required to cut off the original hose cuff.

We recommend purchasing a longer hose then what comes with the typical “ShopVac” style vacuum. A longer hose during tile removal saves you time.



Clearly, DUSTCUFF is useful to contractors. What about DIY homeowners looking to save costs? Part of the reason we created our attachments is because we know dust free tile removal is expensive. Therefore, this equipment can be used with rental tools from local stores. Let us know if you are a home owner and want to tackle the tile demo in the comment section below and we will help you out!

To conclude, we hope this post has helped you out with your dust free tile removal endeavor! As contractors, we encourage growing your company with dust free tile removal.